Am I a Senior?

That's really up to you!

When I originally qualified to teach seniors in 1994 it was age fifty-plus (don't worry we have updated regularly since then).  Now the threshold is closer to age sixty to sixty five but let's face it, you're as old as you feel. 

At the time of writing I am 55 and I know that I want exercise to be beneficial and enjoyable and not punishing (as I once did).  Older Adults'/Seniors' sessions take into account and adapt for common age related conditions such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, joint replacements, balance problems and many other issues which may not be caused by age like poor posture, muscle weakness and imbalance, lack of flexibility and stiff joints. We select appropriate exercises to keep you mobile, moving and functioning to make you more comfortable and move with ease. We also teach strategies to reduce aches and pains without exacerbating any existing issues

......or creating new ones.

Our aim is to add life to our years.....

and to have fun doing it!

(Please Note: If you're not a senior but you have any of these issues you are still welcome to attend a Seniors' session.  Our Back Care sessions are also appropriate for Seniors.)


Seniors Matwork


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