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Get Out Of Pain and Keep Up Your Active Lifestyle Pilates & Fitness Sessions at the Pilates Studio, Red Lion Court, Anlaby.

Senior FUNctional

Fitness (50+)


The benefits of exercise to the older adult are enormous. Many of the complaints commonly associated with ageing are either due to or worsened by a low level of physical activity. Keeping muscles, bones, joints and the heart and lungs in good working order can help tremendously in offsetting the effects of ageing. Many participants find themselves able to easily perform activities they have previously been unable to do or which they have found difficult, such as rising from a chair, getting up and down from the floor, carrying shopping, walking longer distances, fastening awkward clothing or opening jars.


Seniors Fitness takes place on Monday mornings at 10am and a new afternoon session will be starting soon. The session lasts just under one hour and comprises a gentle warm-up followed by a gentle, sociable and non-competitive circuit-based workout where participants circulate around the room in pairs performing a number of functional and fitness based exercises. These exercises are all safe, appropriate to the age group and focus on making us better at activities of daily living such as walking, lifting shopping bags and rising from the floor, as well as posture, stability, back care and balance. All exercises have modifications and alternatives to accommodate injuries, medical conditions and varying fitness levels. After a gentle cool-down, we also perform standing and chair based stretches to lengthen commonly tight muscle groups and increase flexibility.


As mentioned, these sessions are friendly and relaxed and allow plenty of time to chat and get to know your fellow participants. Everybody works at their own pace and you will never be put under pressure to work harder than is comfortable for you.


If you are aged over 50, in good health and accustomed to regular activity please feel free to come along to on Monday mornings at 10am. If you have any health complications, take regular prescribed medication or are unaccustomed to regular exercise, please contact your doctor for advice prior to attendance in order to ensure that she/he feels this session is safe and appropriate. Most GPs will be only too happy to see you take some regular exercise in most circumstances.


If you have any other questions please call me on 07973 684595 or email



























If, like me, you are over 50, and would like some gentle but effective exercise then come and join us.


MONDAYS 10.00am



at Tower Hill Methodist Church in Hessle for some FUNctional Fitness.


Price Only £5.00 Per session