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Get Out Of Pain and Keep Up Your Active Lifestyle Pilates & Fitness Sessions at the Pilates Studio, Red Lion Court, Anlaby.

Session Descriptions.


Back Care/Beginners/Seniors Pilates

These pleasant and well attended sessions are specifically tailored to meet the needs of those with back and joint problems, older adults and beginners. Participants' ages range from 30's to 80's and we can accommodate a wide range of abilities and conditions. A wide variety of equipment is used to ensure that sessions are both safe and comfortable. Many standing exercises are included to promote both function and balance and to reduce the risk of falls. Specific floor based strengthening and mobility exercises are also used to improve posture, joint stability, bone density and quality of life. Seniors' Pilates will leave you feeling better able to cope with daily activities.


Seniors' FUNctional Fitness

These fun, relaxed session allow you to exercise and socialize and includes a range of functional exercises for muscle strength, muscle endurance, balance, stability and cardiovascular fitness.


Seniors Fun Line Dance

A fun filled session suitable for those who can linedance a bit, but don't take it too seriously!


Beginners'/Intermediate Pilates (Level 1/2)

This session is suited to anyone who is new to Pilates and needs to learn the basic principles before progressing and for those who are consolidating their skills before moving on to a more advanced session. This session may also be appropriate for active older adults, antenatal clients and post natal clients returning to exercise. The focus is on learning and applying the Pilates principles but we also aim to improve muscle strength and endurance, flexibility, muscle balance, joint mobility and stability and to improve posture and bone denisty through a range of basic and adapted Pilates exercises. A wide range of small equipment is used in this session.


Advanced Pilates (Level 2/3)

This is a challenging session which uses many more traditional Pilates exercises. Again, a wide range of equipment is used. This session is appropriate for advanced/experienced practitioners. Not only are the exercises more advanced and intense but the session moves at a much faster pace and requires sound understanding of the Pilates principles and a good level of body awareness. This session also includes flexion exercises and is, therefore, not appropriate for anyone with osteoporosis.


Barre Pilates

This is a standing Pilates workout based around ballet barre work which focuses mainly on the lower body.


Pure Stretch

This is a 45 minute mainly floor based flexibility session which uses a range of dynamic and static stretches to make you more flexible.



This is a fun choreographed dance fitness workout.



This session is a relaxing gentle Yoga session including a relaxation component.



Session numbers are limited and places should be booked in advance.


Where to find us:

The Pilates Studio,

Unit 5 Red Lion Court,


HU10 7DA




"I have attended classes for about 10 years. Its overall effect leaves a feeling of wellbeing both in mind and body. I hope to continue for the next 10 years. it is suitable for any age. I would recommend it to anyone."


Janet, 72

"I am a recent re-recruit after several years' absence. I missed it. The session is wonderfully relaxing. Emma reaches the parts you didn't know you had and gently eases them. I always feel relaxed but invigorated at the end of the session."


Carol, 70